English majors

Almost everybody knows the pros and cons of each major before signing up for it. That is why a decreasing number of people are majoring in English. The English major has a bad reputation for very few job opportunities for grads after they get their diploma. However, this article has a different thought. This decreasing number of grads might soon start increasing based off the new research. A lot more English majors are being hired now because of their great writing skills. They are usually very talented at persuasion and communication which can come very handy in the business world. That is why more and more people might start majoring in English again. If not a major there will be a lot more English minors. 


3 thoughts on “English majors

  1. Tamer I agree with your statements concerning the English degree. I agree that there are a lot more companies looking to hire English grads because of their writing skills. I think that English majors are up for hire because of the superb communication skills as well. Even English minors are great choices for companies.

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