Oral History War

For this project I am going to interview my Grandmother. When she was in her mid 50s she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This news was devastating, of course, but she never decided to give up. She went through the surgeries and massive recovery phase. To this day, you would never have known that she went through such a hard time in her life. She is never putting people down and still stays active despite her age. 

I do not know too many specifics about her cancer so that is what I am going to ask her about. I will ask her about the stage she was in, her thoughts and reactions, her close family, and things like that. I am hoping she does not mind describing the story in detail and length.


One thought on “Oral History War

  1. This is such an interesting “war” to unfold. In my opinion, the wars like this one will be way more interesting than an actual war. There are so many different directions you will be able to take this story. Relating the actual disease with the feelings of your family, as well as your grandmother will really be relatable to the audience. Good luck!

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