Do you think that football brings the people of Odessa together or does football create more tension and fighting between the people of Odessa than friendships? Explain why.


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  1. Hey Tamer, I think there’s a difference between a fight o the field and a fight off of the field. The players may not be mushy gushy and lovey all on each other but they care about each other and know everyone on the team because they’ve grown up together and trained together. I think football unites them because it is their only hope, and it brings them together and keeps them in Odessa. Even though they don’t like certain characteristics of other players, like Boobie’s cockiness, they still admit that they need him.

  2. Greetings “classmate,”

    I think that this question is pretty interesting because even though it’s pretty simple, I feel like a good argument could be made in either direction; anything as important as football to this town is sure to be a source of both unity and conflict. I guess it depends on the lens through which you view the question. Looking at it in terms of race relations, as we did in class Friday, I’d say that football probably is slightly effective in bringing the town together, though I think that it could definitely be doing much more to ease the tensions in the town than it is doing currently.

    May your livestock be healthy and your harvest be plentiful,

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