The quote that I loved in this reading was on page 41. “It’s just a part of our lives. It’s just something that you’re involved in. It’s just like going to church or something like that. It’s just what you do.” This quote stood out to me because of the third sentence. It compares them going to the high school football games to other families going to church. This quote is basically saying that high school football is their religion and they worship this team. That is way too extreme and overly obsessive in my opinion.


One thought on “Quotes

  1. Tamer,
    I analyzed the same quote! This quote really explains how the town views football. So far, throughout F.N.L. Buzz Bissenger has painted a very clear picture of the towns people, however he really brings it to another level by adding in this quote. I wasn’t sure if the speaker was referring to The Watermelon Feed, or football in general when mentioning this. Nevertheless, i’m sure it applies to both. I’m ready for the townspeople to have a voice of their own in this story because i’m sure there are different opinions somewhere in there.
    See ya later!-Baylee

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