Saban Review


Nick Saban can be described as many different things. The people that hate Nick Saban usually have a stupid reason. I would say 90% of LSU fans have a burning hatred towards Saban. After Saban’s failed tenure as Dolphins head coach he accepted the job at Alabama, LSU’s fierce rival. Even if you hate Saban, for whatever the reason is, you have to respect him for being the greatest college football coach ever. He coached up LSU to win their first national championship and than left. Than, Les Miles won a national championship three years later with Nick Sabans recruits as seniors on the team. Now, Saban is creating a dynasty with his current team, Alabama. They have won the national championship three out of the past four years and could easily keep going.



One thought on “Saban Review

  1. Hey Tamer! I agree with this part: Nick Saban can be described as many different things. I think it’s not easy to determine who he is with only one sentence. And yes, we have to respect him because he is the best football coach ever. However, I think there are something he has to change as a coach and as a human. Sometimes, he becomes too much. I mean too much for being….upset? I don’t even know how to say a word. Anyway, I like the way you summarize about him!

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