#2.. Values

A persons values and priorities are a very important aspect of their life. Every person’s priority list is going to be different, however, they can be very similar. The order a person prioritizes their life is mainly decided by how they were raised. They environment that your parents or guardians put you in, and raised you in is the biggest factor of your life’s values and the order you prioritize your life.

When you move to a new country or city, you are usually exposed to a many new things. That is a giant factor in your values and priorities. Everybody wants to fit in. So, when you move to a new place and something is very popular (like high school football in Odessa’s condition) you are going to adjust. Almost everybody will change their priorities and values based on the other people of that town. When people move to Baton Rouge, it would be very hard for them to not watch a LSU or New Orleans Saints football game solely because everybody else is. The way you were raised gives a person their solid base of their values but, they can be changed based on their surroundings and community.


One thought on “#2.. Values

  1. Hey Tamer, I enjoyed reading you blog post. I agree that if someone moves to a new country in your example, they will adjust to their new environment. I don’t think that their change all their values and their priorities just because its popular in the city or country, but it will definitely influence their perspectives. Your last sentence says that “they can be changes based on their surroundings and community” and the “CAN” is important to what I’m saying. Not everyone will change, if they didn’t like football in their previous city, I doubt their automatically like it when they come to Baton Rouge and watch LSU or a Saints game.

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