1. For my first idea I wanted to profile a kicker on a football team. So, the only reasonable one I could interview would be Austin Couvillion, the kicker for Episcopal’s football team. I wanted to interview a kicker because I wanted to see their football lens. I want to see how a kicker sees football and what goes through his mind. Kickers are almost always underrated and least respected person on the football team, until you need them. There is always that one game of the year where you are down by one or two points and you need a last second field goal to win the game (kind of like what Permian needed against Midland). So I am going to ask him questions about football and see how he is treated or seen upon by the rest of the team and coaches.

2. For my second choice would be my mom. I would focus on the lens of her business. My mom is the CEO of a small business called GSRC. It would be interesting to see all the things a CEO has to do that nobody really thinks about. I would want her to tell me all the hardships about being the owner of the business, even though it is small, and all the advantages or things she enjoys about being the majority owner. 

3. My last option for this story could be Taylor McKay. Taylor’s dad owns a car dealership and he has worked various jobs there throughout the past few years. Now he is already practicing to be a car salesman. The law says you cannot be a car salesman until you are 18 so for right now he is learning from other people at the dealership and even practicing on customers that are family friends with his family that are interested in a car. It would be cool to see all the different cars he sees and to study them so much in order to know everything about them. 


One thought on “Profile

  1. I really like your choices. I think that Taylor would be interesting one because he is a good friend of ours. We do not really know him from a working perspective. I would love to watch Taylor sell a car.

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