FNL– The Movie

For this free post I decided to talk about the Friday Night Lights movie. I love the fact that the movie uses all the character’s real names from the book and made them really look like the descriptions from the book and pictures from real life. This is going to help out a lot when we are reading the book and trying to picture what is happening in our minds. For some books, we have this great movie playing in our heads and it makes the book seem wonderful, than we see the movie and it completely ruins every aspect of the book. It changes the characters appearances and sometimes even changes the plot a lot. I was really relieved to see that this did not happen with Friday Night Lights

I noticed a few things in class today that bothered me. First, Coach Gaines, the head coach for the Panthers, is Billy Bob Thorton. If I did not know him any better I would say he was playing the role in the movie great but, I just cannot take him seriously. Billy Bob Thorton has played in other movies, like Bad News Bears, where he is a very comical guy. He usually plays a guy with a very dry sense of humor that appears to have no emotions; so when he plays this super serious role in this movie it is really surprising and not the usual Billy Bob were used too. Next, when Boobie got hurt. In the book they made a big deal on how Boobie got seriously hurt in the scrimmage at the very beginning of the year, a game that did not matter at al. However, in the movie Permian has a very large lead in the first real game of the year so Coach Gaines tries to sub in the third string running back. When he does this, the player cannot find his helmet so Boobie goes in for him and gets hurt that play. This puts the blame on the player without his helmet, because if that did not happen than Boobie would not have gotten hurt, and Coach Gaines, because he is not supposed to play their best player when leading by so much. In the book there was nobody to blame. 


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