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To be honest, I have not thought much at all of this project since we did the activity in class. I forgot about the interview and story the past week and should have definitely told my subject about it. That activity in class helped me out a lot because I was really torn between two people. The first was my Mom as a CEO of a small business and the second was Austin Couvillion through the lens of the kicker on a football team. I was told my the majority of the class to pick my mom instead of Austin. The main reasons were because she is easier to access and I would not get anything done interviewing Austin.

I plan on interviewing my mom this weekend and observing everything she does within this upcoming week. She takes a great deal of pride in being a women business owner because a lot of people think that men should be the people in charge of everything. I am going to ask her about the difficulties of initially starting the business. I feel like starting the business and getting your name out is the most challenging part. Now, she is just maintaining the organization she started years ago. Along with following her moves this week, I also want to see the past obstacles and challenges.


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