Injustice Letter

John ‘Hook’ Lewis,

I have no idea why you came to Baton Rouge or Episcopal, but I am really happy you left and were only here for one semester. We gave you a chance to make friends and fit in but you completely failed every single time. We gave William Little a chance and all the guys liked him and we are still friends with him today, however, you are the opposite. Nobody liked you, and we still make fun of you today.

You never stopped bragging about how athletic you were, when absolutley nobody asked or cared. I don’t know how they do it in Virginia, but in most places you get a bad reputation if you only talk about yourself and think you are the most amazing person on the planet. It would be hilarious if you came back for another semester because you would be the most hated person at this high school. I just wanted to let you know that nobody liked you, and ‘very annoying and cocky’ would be an understatement to describe you.

Sincerely, Every Student at Episcopal


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