Memoir– The Campaign

 It was around February of 2013. We were juniors at the time, and Episcopal needed a new President. Not just the senior class president for our grade the following year, but the entire student body president. I had no intensions of running for student body president until Monday, January 7 of last school year. It was the day of the BCS National Championship game in which Alabama and Notre Dame were playing. Turner, Weldon, Polk, Erol, Austin, Carter, and I were at Turner’s house to watch the game that Monday night in January. In the middle of the game, while Alabama was crushing Notre Dame, the topic of next year’s student body president came up. Than Weldon says, “Yeah, who is going to do that next year for us?” and I, being completely sarcastic say, “don’t worry guys, ill do it”. I didn’t think much of that statement; I was just expecting some laughs until something happened. Weldon says, “Wait, Tamer you should definitely do it. I would vote for you.” Than Turner says, “I would definitely vote for you! You should run that would be hilarious.” That was the first time I started thinking of running for student body president. Between that day and the deadline of the president signup day, I was constantly talking to different people about their opinions of me running for president. In mid-February, the day before the signup deadline, I decided to do it. I knew if I did not run I would always regret it. So, the next day I filled out the short application and turned it into Ms. Woods, knowing there is no turning back now. That day was the start of the legendary campaign.

            Freshman year, while playing foursquare, John Davis came up with the nickname for me, Tamerica. This play on words was the center focus of my presidential campaign that year. I was not planning on campaigning for this election just because I have never seen anybody campaign for president since I have been in high school until Tamerica was remembered. So, we started making flyers. I made three or four different pages that told people in different funny ways to vote for me. Than other people joined in and made different clever things. Carter James helped me out the most campaigning and other people like Ben Murrey helped out by paining a giant banner that was hung from the high school building balcony. I would say overall there was over 200 flyers around campus in different places.

All of the advertising must have helped because I made the runoffs. The original election was between Kiddie Mathews, Prentice Ferachi, Charles, and me. Than the following week the student body voted again for either just Charles Cooper or me. That week was a pretty awdward week between me and Charles because we were friends before the election but we knew it was going to be awkward after. Well, I lost the runoff. I did not expect to win the runoff since Charles is by definition the perfect student role model for the high school but I was pretty happy I mas able to make the runoff. I blame it on my speech. It was pretty bad.



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