THE United States of America is the best country on this planet. There are many reasons why I can think that. First, as most people know, we as Americans, are free (to an extent). Second, America has the best military and armed forces units (by far) in the world. Finally, we are the most athletic country (by far) in the world.

The best part of being an American is being able to say we are free. Being free does not mean you can do whatever you want, we do still have laws just like every single other civilized group of people in the world; we are not run by a dictator like other countries. For example, it sounds miserable to live in Cuba because of the dictatorship there. We live with a democracy- everybody has a say for who runs our country, and it is never just one person.

As back-to-back world war champions, it is safe to say that we, as a country, have the best defense in the world. Nobody can beat us, or come here surprisingly, without consequences (Japan). I believe that by now every country has realized that and learned that it is best to stay on our good side.

Being a guy, I take all sports as a big deal. One year ago the summer Olympics were held in London. The United States completely dominated every aspect of the competition. The final medal count was: USA with 104 (almost half of them being gold), China with 88, and Russia with 82. America is a very large country, however, we do not have the most landmass in the world and we do not have anywhere close to the most in population. China and India have over three times as many people as us and we still won. That is something I take great deal of pride in, even though I did not contribute at all.


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