Working in these groups of five helped me out with this paper tremendously.  I have never done a workshop before so it was a little strange at times. Listening to them talk about my paper right in front of me and not being able to speak was tough. However, that is the part that helped out the most. The constructive criticism that I received (especially from Alex) at that time was definitely the part that helped me out the most.

            I wrote my paper pretty fast to make sure I got the entire story on paper before I forgot some aspects of it, so I had quite a few small grammatical errors throughout my paper. That was the majority of the small errors I made. The majority of the larger criticism that my group recommended was deleting different portions of the memoir. I was not sure how to begin my memoir so I gave a large amount of background information. I now realize that a lot of that information was unnecessary for the paper and should be taken out.  This workshop definitely persuaded me to take some of my future papers into the writing center since it helped me out so much.



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