And then there were Two

As of now I only have one real topic I could use to write my paper on. My question is, ‘Why do we own pets?’. I might steal somebody’s backup option that they will not use because I don’t know how I will write seven pages on that..

Why do we own pets? That is the main topic that I will try to answer in this paper. I am trying to get in the minds of all people that own pets. I am not sure who I could interview yet. I do not know any veterinarians but if I did that would have been great. I expect most people to answer with something to do with having a cute animal like a kitten or being loved by and playing with a dog. As for the other exotic pets people own, I have no idea what they would answer. In this essay I would try to just open peoples’ minds about this question because some people think it is weird how we own our individual animals just for fun. It would be different if we used them for food but all we do is play with them..



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