Final Topic

I have decided to write my paper on the topic question, ‘Why do we own pets?’ It sounds like a dumb question at first but when you think about it for a little while you change your mind. Why do we spend hundreds of dollars a year to feed and take care of this random animal? It would make a lot more sense if you used the animals as food or as a guide dog, but most of the time the only reason we have it is because we think the animal is cute.. 

For this topic I will interview people in my grade that are obsessed with their pets and people that have never owned pets or simply do not like them. I want to see how these views differ. Also, I want to research about what makes a person a dog person or cat person. Almost everybody has a preference but I have never been able to figure out the key to who likes which one. It almost seems random. I did not want to do this topic at first because I did not think I would have enough to write about. Now, I feel comfortable with the topic; especially after the different partners’ help in class yesterday.


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