THE United States of America is the best country on this planet. There are many reasons why I can think that. First, as most people know, we as Americans, are free (to an extent). Second, America has the best military and armed forces units (by far) in the world. Finally, we are the most athletic country (by far) in the world.

The best part of being an American is being able to say we are free. Being free does not mean you can do whatever you want, we do still have laws just like every single other civilized group of people in the world; we are not run by a dictator like other countries. For example, it sounds miserable to live in Cuba because of the dictatorship there. We live with a democracy- everybody has a say for who runs our country, and it is never just one person.

As back-to-back world war champions, it is safe to say that we, as a country, have the best defense in the world. Nobody can beat us, or come here surprisingly, without consequences (Japan). I believe that by now every country has realized that and learned that it is best to stay on our good side.

Being a guy, I take all sports as a big deal. One year ago the summer Olympics were held in London. The United States completely dominated every aspect of the competition. The final medal count was: USA with 104 (almost half of them being gold), China with 88, and Russia with 82. America is a very large country, however, we do not have the most landmass in the world and we do not have anywhere close to the most in population. China and India have over three times as many people as us and we still won. That is something I take great deal of pride in, even though I did not contribute at all.


The Boulevard

I decided to read the article, ‘Meet the Patricks’ by Jason. Just from the title I already knew what it was about- meeting Raleigh’s parents. Knowing Jason, I knew this was going to be a funny article. 

I knew Jason was smart, but I was pretty impressed reading this article. I have never read any of his papers before so I never knew he was a good writer. He used a lot of good analogies that made the piece engaging and funny. At some points in the article I could feel the awkwardness that was being described between Jason and Raleigh’s siblings. Something like that is similar to the things that would happen while reading a memoir written by a famous or well-known author. 


Working in these groups of five helped me out with this paper tremendously.  I have never done a workshop before so it was a little strange at times. Listening to them talk about my paper right in front of me and not being able to speak was tough. However, that is the part that helped out the most. The constructive criticism that I received (especially from Alex) at that time was definitely the part that helped me out the most.

            I wrote my paper pretty fast to make sure I got the entire story on paper before I forgot some aspects of it, so I had quite a few small grammatical errors throughout my paper. That was the majority of the small errors I made. The majority of the larger criticism that my group recommended was deleting different portions of the memoir. I was not sure how to begin my memoir so I gave a large amount of background information. I now realize that a lot of that information was unnecessary for the paper and should be taken out.  This workshop definitely persuaded me to take some of my future papers into the writing center since it helped me out so much.



When I am at my home and bored I almost always end up watching TV. Everyday after I finish homework the first place I go is downstairs to watch TV. Sometimes I don’t even watch the TV ill just be on my computer the entire time relaxing on the couch. This might sound sad and boring but I do not do it often. Only when I am at home and cannot leave. When it is not a school night and I can leave the house, I always do. This is just when I am bored and just looking for things to do around the house. I almost always end up watching a comedy. Whether it is a movie or TV series, it is almost always a funny show. I usually hate dramas and suspense/horror movies because they are too depressing. I like comedies because they never bring you down or make you cry, they just make your day.

Injustice Letter

John ‘Hook’ Lewis,

I have no idea why you came to Baton Rouge or Episcopal, but I am really happy you left and were only here for one semester. We gave you a chance to make friends and fit in but you completely failed every single time. We gave William Little a chance and all the guys liked him and we are still friends with him today, however, you are the opposite. Nobody liked you, and we still make fun of you today.

You never stopped bragging about how athletic you were, when absolutley nobody asked or cared. I don’t know how they do it in Virginia, but in most places you get a bad reputation if you only talk about yourself and think you are the most amazing person on the planet. It would be hilarious if you came back for another semester because you would be the most hated person at this high school. I just wanted to let you know that nobody liked you, and ‘very annoying and cocky’ would be an understatement to describe you.

Sincerely, Every Student at Episcopal

Memory Corrections

I talked to John and Carter James and I was correct for the most part. John was the person who created Tamerica and Carter definitely helped me out the most for the election. I had no idea I was going to run for student bod president until I was at Turner’s house that day in February for the National Championship game. It was a lot of fun but I am happy Charles beat me in the runoff. He is a far better president than I would have ever been.

Memoir– The Campaign

 It was around February of 2013. We were juniors at the time, and Episcopal needed a new President. Not just the senior class president for our grade the following year, but the entire student body president. I had no intensions of running for student body president until Monday, January 7 of last school year. It was the day of the BCS National Championship game in which Alabama and Notre Dame were playing. Turner, Weldon, Polk, Erol, Austin, Carter, and I were at Turner’s house to watch the game that Monday night in January. In the middle of the game, while Alabama was crushing Notre Dame, the topic of next year’s student body president came up. Than Weldon says, “Yeah, who is going to do that next year for us?” and I, being completely sarcastic say, “don’t worry guys, ill do it”. I didn’t think much of that statement; I was just expecting some laughs until something happened. Weldon says, “Wait, Tamer you should definitely do it. I would vote for you.” Than Turner says, “I would definitely vote for you! You should run that would be hilarious.” That was the first time I started thinking of running for student body president. Between that day and the deadline of the president signup day, I was constantly talking to different people about their opinions of me running for president. In mid-February, the day before the signup deadline, I decided to do it. I knew if I did not run I would always regret it. So, the next day I filled out the short application and turned it into Ms. Woods, knowing there is no turning back now. That day was the start of the legendary campaign.

            Freshman year, while playing foursquare, John Davis came up with the nickname for me, Tamerica. This play on words was the center focus of my presidential campaign that year. I was not planning on campaigning for this election just because I have never seen anybody campaign for president since I have been in high school until Tamerica was remembered. So, we started making flyers. I made three or four different pages that told people in different funny ways to vote for me. Than other people joined in and made different clever things. Carter James helped me out the most campaigning and other people like Ben Murrey helped out by paining a giant banner that was hung from the high school building balcony. I would say overall there was over 200 flyers around campus in different places.

All of the advertising must have helped because I made the runoffs. The original election was between Kiddie Mathews, Prentice Ferachi, Charles, and me. Than the following week the student body voted again for either just Charles Cooper or me. That week was a pretty awdward week between me and Charles because we were friends before the election but we knew it was going to be awkward after. Well, I lost the runoff. I did not expect to win the runoff since Charles is by definition the perfect student role model for the high school but I was pretty happy I mas able to make the runoff. I blame it on my speech. It was pretty bad.