Memory Editing

It all came back to me in a blurry flashback. It was 1999 in Vail Colorado and not the most average family is taking their first skiing trip together. We were a noisy, curious bunch with two twin 3 year old boys and a 5 year old older brother and two parents. One of our days while waiting for a gondola curious Tamer decided to take a walk around the small noisy pickup are of the gondolas. When looking at the wall several yards away from my family in line, one thing catches my eye. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. A giant red button that read ‘EMERGENCY STOP. DO NOT PRESS.’ I just had to push it. As I waddle over to the button my now panicking parents see me. My mom immediately picks me up and throws me into the gondola with the rest of my family. I don’t think I have ever been this disappointed in my life. Just a couple more feet and the entire gondola would have been all mine, but of course my mom had to be a buzzkill.


Final Topic

I have decided to write my paper on the topic question, ‘Why do we own pets?’ It sounds like a dumb question at first but when you think about it for a little while you change your mind. Why do we spend hundreds of dollars a year to feed and take care of this random animal? It would make a lot more sense if you used the animals as food or as a guide dog, but most of the time the only reason we have it is because we think the animal is cute.. 

For this topic I will interview people in my grade that are obsessed with their pets and people that have never owned pets or simply do not like them. I want to see how these views differ. Also, I want to research about what makes a person a dog person or cat person. Almost everybody has a preference but I have never been able to figure out the key to who likes which one. It almost seems random. I did not want to do this topic at first because I did not think I would have enough to write about. Now, I feel comfortable with the topic; especially after the different partners’ help in class yesterday.

And then there were Two

As of now I only have one real topic I could use to write my paper on. My question is, ‘Why do we own pets?’. I might steal somebody’s backup option that they will not use because I don’t know how I will write seven pages on that..

Why do we own pets? That is the main topic that I will try to answer in this paper. I am trying to get in the minds of all people that own pets. I am not sure who I could interview yet. I do not know any veterinarians but if I did that would have been great. I expect most people to answer with something to do with having a cute animal like a kitten or being loved by and playing with a dog. As for the other exotic pets people own, I have no idea what they would answer. In this essay I would try to just open peoples’ minds about this question because some people think it is weird how we own our individual animals just for fun. It would be different if we used them for food but all we do is play with them..



1. How being raised in poverty vs. wealth affects your ability or chances to succeed in your adult life. For this topic I would interview my grandfather who moved to the United States when he was in college and has had great success ever since. Also, I would interview my dad who did not have everything growing up and see compare these. 

2. How smoking marijuana can affect your body and/or your intelligence. I am not too sure who I would interview for this topic but I know what I would ask them. I want to know if this illegal drug should be legalized because of its many advantages and few cons. 

Those are the only ideas I have for right now but I will think of more! My final paper will probably not be on either one of those topics.

Putting the Pieces Together

If a writer does not remember or did not witness something for his memoir it is very important to not make things up. Just because you do not remember it does not give you an opportunity to write whatever you want that will make your story better. The writer needs to ask around and stay as close to the truth as possible. It does not have to be identical but the main idea has to be the same. As long as just a couple parts of the story are like this your memoir can still be a non-fiction memoir, however, do not do this many times throughout the book or your memoir cannot be published as a memoir. 


As every busy high schooler knows money is a very, very valuable thing. Throughout the early years (15 and under) your only base of income was usually your birthday and Christmas. Those two sums of money have to last you all year until your next birthday or Christmas. When I turned 16 and was able to drive I knew that I needed to get a job. It was the only way I was going to be able to do anything on the weekends. I was thankful enough for my parents to pay for gas and insurance but I have to pay for anything I would do with friends on the weekend. So I had to get a summer job. I took some classes and became a certified lifeguard. I worked random shifts throughout the week all summer. After those two months working I made a total of around $1200. Since lifeguarding for the company that we worked for was miserable I chose not to do it this past summer. It has been very hard at times but I have managed to make that $1200 last until now. Over a year later and I now have $32 remaining in my bank account. This $32 has to last me until Christmas. I am definitely planning on lifeguarding again this summer, no matter how miserable it is. I need money for college and I am desperate. I am sure most people in our English class feel the same way. 

Authors Note

What John Berendt says in the author’s note section makes me really curious to how extreme the changes were. If these changes alter the intensity or extremely change the affect of the book than I feel it should not be categorized as nonfiction at all. I would have wanted to not know about those changes until after I read the book. Now that I am aware that there are some small or big changes to the story, I will be paranoid throughout the book.